TMJ and Migraine Headache Suffering
Can Be Treated Without Drugs
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As doctors in TMJ practice, we have treated TMD/temporomandibular joint dysfunction, headaches, head and neck discomfort and more. We have worked with neurologists, psychologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, attorneys, as well as natural health practitioners. Because of the multifaceted experience we have gained in this field, we bring a unique ability to our patients.

The object of our treatment is to gently and naturally bring the head, neck, jaw and occlusion (bite) into a balanced alignment. Functional and resting head posture is dependent upon the proper tension in these muscles.

Because of this dynamic relationship between head and neck posture, jaw position and dental occlusion and its ultimate disturbance that is seen in TMJ dysfunction, headache and head and neck related discomfort, it becomes necessary to provide appropriate treatment for optimum results.

Providing my patients with relief from the adverse effects from the above mentioned conditions is the main focus of my dental practice. Our goal is to allow patients to be pain free and thereby improve their quality of life.

“Use of Laser”
The laser sends a signal to the brain reconnecting
neurological feed back loops that inhibit PAIN.
The laser works on non-heat, bio stimulation to
help all areas of the body to heal 25-35% faster
than normal.

Instead of medications, one of the therapies we use for treating head and neck muscle pain, TMJ joint pain, headaches and migraine headaches is Alpha Stim Therapy. FDA approved and clinically proven, Alpha-Stim microcurrent delivers a safe dose of micro current that is almost undetectable. It has almost no side effects and can be used for any age group. These “micro-currents” attempt to mimic the body’s own natural electrical functions. “Patients with treatment-resistant head and neck muscle pain, TMJ joint pain, headaches and migraine headaches have shown significant elevations in plasma serotonin.” University of Miami’s School of Medicine quotes, “Increases in cerebrospinal fluid level of beta-endorphins up to 219%, plasma endorphins up to 98%, and cerebrospinal fluid serotonin up to 200% have been demonstrated in normal volunteers receiving 20 minutes of Alpha Stim Therapy.” All of these improvements in head and neck muscle pain, TMJ joint pain, headaches, migraine headaches and brain chemistry may be necessary for improvement and relief from these conditions.


HEADACHES are one of the most common symptoms of TMD

“We help you get relief from TMJ symptoms and migraine headaches”

The majority of headaches are a direct symptom of TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), because headache is one of the most common complaints of those who suffer from various types of TMJ problems, such as head and neck pain, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), and jaw pain. Most headaches are caused by (1) tenderness of muscles and joints of the head and neck, and (2) clenching or grinding of teeth (bruxism).


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